Last Lap: How’s Katy Perry Celebrating Your Birthday?

Kelis makes us hungry for something other than her music, Mariah Carey takes over the first class cabin, and Nicki Minaj gives us a taste of her new album.

  • Katy Perry managed to crash the birthday parties of unsuspecting strangers, all while donning some pretty elaborate disguises. Catch the clip for her song, “Birthday.” [MTV News]
  • Kelis just released her latest album, Food, and she’s backed up her music skills by honing her cooking skills. She tells Big Morning Buzz Live about her time at Le Cordon Bleu and her culinary expertise.
  • Mariah Carey dropped a reported $118,000 to purchase all the first class seats on a flight. Mimi doesn’t want her trip to the Cannes Film Festival to be marred by strangers, so she’s got the whole cabin on lock. [Vibe]
  • Nicki Minaj’s new music is certainly bootylicious. The rapper posted two videos of herself shaking her goods to what sounds like a new track, and we foresee tons of guys buying her album if it can make their ladies do the same! [Idolator]

[Photo Credit: Capitol Records]