Happy Birthday Ace Frehley: Kiss’ Original Spaceman Turns 63!

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Today Kiss fans worldwide celebrate the 63rd birthday of the band’s original and beloved Spaceman, the one and only Ace Frehley! Born and raised in The Bronx, NY and famously showing up in mismatched sneakers for his Kiss audition in 1972, Ace is one of the great characters in rock n’ roll and also one of the most influential guitarists of ’70s hard rock and early heavy metal. Sure, there were faster and more accomplished guitarists out there during the band’s mid-’70s heyday, but it was Space Ace that influenced scores of future rock legends to pick up a guitar with his memorable solos, thick riffing and super cool attitude. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Dimebag Darrell have sung his praises and add to that such Frehley-penned Kiss classics as “Cold Gin,” “Parasite” and his signature tune “Shock Me,” and it’s clear his impact is otherworldly to say the least. So cast your eyes skyward today and look for that smoking guitar up there in the heaven’s and wish The Spaceman Ace Frehely a “Happy Birthday” and check out six of our favorite Ace tunes on the following pages.

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