Does Rihanna’s Scandalous New Cover For Lui Go Too Far?

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Lest you think Bad Girl RiRi has been tamed by all the time she’s been spending with Drake, Rihanna is pushing boundaries again. The sexy singer posted a photo of her new cover for Lui magazine on her Instagram and the image isn’t just sexy, it’s shocking and scandalous.

It’s not just that Rihanna is posing topless in the picture (which was snapped by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti), or that her torso is rubbed down with oil. One of Rihanna’s nipples appears to be pierced with a nail. A NAIL! You know, a nail. The kind of thing you buy at Home Depot to hang up some decorative wall art. There’s one through her nipple.

Of course, we shouldn’t be so scandalized by this. After all, Rihanna has stripped down for provocative magazine covers before. She’s covered up with kelp on the cover of Esquire, given some serious booty to the readers of Rolling Stone, and she’s gone topless before for GQ. That said, this is the first time a piece of hardware has pierced her body.

Has Rihanna taken it too far? Or is it art? (Or is it just plain hot?)  Sound off below!

Has Rihanna Gone Too Far With Her Lui Magazine Cover?

[Photo Credit: Instagram]