Start Your Engines: Check Out The Hottest Musicians Getting Sexy With Cars

  • Ciara Ride

  • Selena Gomez Slow Down

  • Miley Cyrus Bangerz

  • Beyonce Partition

  • Madonna Sweet And Sticky Tour

  • Rihanna Rehab

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  • Nicki Minaj Y U Mad

  • Brianna Perry Cars

  • Liv Tyler Alicia Silverston Aerosmith Crazy

  • Iggy Azalea Change Your Life

  • Pink Stupid Girls

  • Ayo Technology

  • Tawny Kitaen Here I Go Again_Whitesnake

  • Rihanna Shut Up And Drive

  • Marry The Night Lady Gaga

  • Mariah Carey Loverboy

  • MO Dont Wanna Dance

  • Madonna Turn Up The Radio

  • Jessica Simpson These Boots Are Made For Walking

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  • Aaliyah One In A Million

The car has forever been regarded something of a penis extension, a way for men to show size and machismo. So it becomes a pretty potent symbol when a woman grinds all up on a car like it’s a… well, you know. Pop music has truly embraced the car, with whole songs devoted to revving engines.

But it’s the women who, scantily clad, press themselves up against the hoods of cars in music videos that really get the motor running. From Miley Cyrus’ on stage hood romp for her Bangerz tour, to the iconic image of Jessica Simpson writhing around in a bikini “cleaning” a car, simulating sex with cars has become a staple in music video.

From veterans like Mariah Carey and Madonna, to newbies like Selena Gomez and Iggy Azalea, check out our gallery of pop stars doing the bump and grind with an automobile counterpart…