Last Lap: Who Is Justin Bieber Taunting This Time?

Lindsey Stirling takes her unique sound all the way to the top, Kanye West drops more hints about the Yeezus movie, and Frank Ocean is ready to return to the spotlight.

  • According to a report, Justin Bieber made a tasteless joke at the expense of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. The singer apparently ran into the embattled politician, asking him if he had “any crack to smoke.” Of course, the alleged encounter comes to light as the mayor enters rehab. [Billboard]
  • Lindsey Stirling has somehow blended her skills on the violin with electronic dance music, and it’s gotten her to No. 1 on iTunes and Amazon. She tells Big Morning Buzz Live about her success.
  • Kanye West’s Yeezus movie is becoming more of a reality, with the flick’s poster having been released today. And with Bret Easton Ellis tacked onto the project as a writer, we’re wondering if this isn’t our garden variety tour documentary. [Spin]
  • Frank Ocean seems prepared to come back on the scene in a major way. First, he snaps that amazing selfie, and now he’s gearing up to perform at this year’s Met Gala. Will he perform any new songs? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]