After-School Special: 10 Songs About Wanting To Sleep With Your Teacher

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, a time when we reflect on the patient, compassionate, and selfless individuals who taught us good ol’ reading, ’writin’ and ’rithmatic. Honestly, we have no idea where we’d be without them. They handed us the keys to knowledge, and set us on a path to a better, more enriching life. So what better way to honor their legacy than think about all the times we secretly wanted to sleep with them!

C’mon, we’re definitely not the only ones. Many musicians have paid tribute to these (not so) innocent adolescent crushes. To prove it, we’ve decided to take a look out our 10 favorite lustful teacher anthems. These are songs that give a whole new meaning to the phrase “After-school special”…


10. “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu (1967)

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