Get To Know The Brothers Of KONGOS, VH1’s Latest You Oughta Know Artist!

Love is in the air as spring finally starts to bloom, and the brothers of VH1’s latest You Oughta Know artists Kongos are looking to steal your heart.

If you like a bad boy, looks like Danny is your man. Most likely to get into a fight and a bit of a slob, this lead guitar player is notorious with his brother as having a bit of a hot head and some bad habits. But let’s not forget that winning sense of humor.

Looking for a sensitive guy? What about a sensitive stomach? Keyboard player Johnny is apparently most likely to get a bit of stage freight and throw up before performing live. We’ll take care of you, Johnny! Drummer Jesse seemed like a little angel to his parents growing up, but don’t let that innocent act fool you ladies, he can get into trouble with the best of them.

As for pretty boy and bass guitarist Dylan, he has plenty of confidence in himself and is sure to make any of us swoon, if he’s not too busy checking himself out in the mirror behind you. Take your pick, because you’re going to get to know these super talented dudes all month, here on VH1! And don’t forget to check out their latest album, Lunatic out now.