Baby Houseman! Ren McMormack! The Most Non-Negotiable Dance Movies, Ever

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Dance movies own us. Right? They’re irresistible. And the best ones have a lot in common. They’re glorified B movies (Breakin’). They usually feature star-crossed lovers from disparate backgrounds (Save the Last Dance). The soundtracks are incredible (Flashdance). The titles are usually stolen from hip-hop slang that’s at least a year old (You Got Served — which means we’re due for a flick called Yolo! Twerk That Body). Throw all those elements together, and you have a classic guilty pleasure for the ages.

We could name a zillion ones that we love, but instead, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most influential dance flicks of the past thirty-five years. They’re not all great films, but each one has contributed something major to pop culture. And the fact that two on the list star Channing Tatum means that he needs to gift us with his talents more often. Here, check out our top ten most influential dance movies, ever!

In honor of the best dance movies ever, we also have a hilarious clip of some of your favorite celebrities getting into the groove — by dancing the American Hustle.

[Photos: Paramount, Vestron, Warner Bros., MTV Films, MGM]