Hear My Song, People Won’t You Listen Now: Robert Plant’s 10 Greatest Vocal Performances

Surprise, surprise, Led Zeppelin is back in the news these days, and is it any wonder when you consider they are the only big name classic rock band that has yet to reconvene for a major money-making reunion tour. The band is poised to start a major reissue campaign, for the first time plundering the vaults for the deepest of deep cuts. Of course these means interviews with the band’s two leading lights, guitarist and sonic architect Jimmy Page and the mercurial Golden God, lead singer Robert Plant. Word is Plant nixed a possible world tour in 2007 after their one-off performance in London and the two sides are now going public with the news and its ensuing fallout. Well, at least we’ve still got the music, and speaking of music VH1 Classic will be airing Robert Plant: Live From The Artists Den tonight at 9/8 C so we felt it was high time to review Percy’s back catalog and count down his top 10 vocal performances of all time.

Hear Robert Plant discuss touring with his current band the Sensational Space Shifters.

10. “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” (Robert Plant Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, 2010)
Plant resurrected his pre-Zeppelin band name and delved deep into rustic world blues on this track from 2010.
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