I Woke Up Like This: 10 Pop Queens With Awesome Unfinished Hairstyles

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By Lucelenia Amparo

Beyonce, Rihanna, and even Fergie have all appeared in performances and music videos looking like they lost track of time and forgot to finish doing their hair. Don’t hate, folks: THEY WOKE UP LIKE THIS! And they still look just as fabulous as ever. These influential ladies of pop prove that they can roll out of bed and still look red-carpet ready!

As Queen Bey would say, pretty hurts, and it takes a lot of prepping to be all glamorous. These music stars know they are beautiful in every way and can wear their hair in “doobies,” pin curls, and hair rollers with their chin up. Even if hair rollers aren’t an official glam squad-approved hairstyle, these girls keep it real by rocking their unfinished hair with pride. Head up to the gallery above and check who takes the win at the most glamorous undone style of all time!

[Photo: Columbia/Interscope]