Did Jay Z Get Attacked By His Sister-In-Law, Solange Knowles?

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Is there some serious discord within the Carter-Knowles clan? Judging by a damning surveillance video, that could very well be the case. According to a report, Solange Knowles, also known as Beyonce’s younger sister, was allegedly caught on tape trying beat down her brother-in-law, Jay Z.

TMZ has featured video from an elevator ride at the Standard Hotel, where Solange and the Carters where attending a post-Met Gala party.

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As Jay Z apparently enters the elevator, he’s greeted by a verbal barrage from Solange. The singer then gets in the rapper’s face and starts swinging. Hov doesn’t appear to hit her back and Solange is restrained by a bodyguard. However, she manages to get a few more physical digs in during the confrontation. Beyonce is standing much closer to Jay Z than her sister during the altercation, making us wonder whether she took her husband’s side in the argument.

There’s no word on if the footage has been authenticated, or if there’s been long-simmering issues between Jay and Solange. All we can say is, this does not look good.

But if nothing else, Twitter has graced the world with some hilarious memes. Take a look through our gallery above!

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