VH1 Vintage: Before Elevator Fights, Beyoncé Launched Her Oscar Campaign With The Pink Panther

Beyoncé has been in seven feature films to date. Did you remember that The Pink Panther, opposite Steve Martin, was one of them? At least tell me that you recall “Check On It,” a modern day classic featured on the film’s soundtrack? (And if you don’t agree, then who are you?)

Bey’s third film was released in February 2006, prior to her sophomore album B’Day (released September 4, 2006) and her wedding to Jay Z (April 4, 2008). It was a time long before elevator conversations would become breaking news and BeyHive members would frantically analyze the skin of her ringer finger for clues. Back in 2006, Beyoncé was just a 24-year-old woman, standing on a red carpet, hoping you’d enjoy her movie. And after roles in Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Fighting Temptations, she’d need to pray, too. As we continue to follow the confusing Carter-Knowles family drama — and all the ridiculata that comes along for the ride — let’s go back in time to a night when a Beyoncé decked out in House of Deréon gushed about the importance of music education while Tina Knowles watched dutifully nearby. Can you imagine if Miss Tina ws the one kicking Jay in a posh hotel elevator instead of her sister, Solange? Things might seem dire right now, but they could always be worse. Trust me.

In case you’ve been distracted by more important news this week, take a look at the pop culture community’s reaction to an alleged rift deep within the first family:

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