Solange And Jay Z Did Not Go Shopping, Beyonce Erases Jay’s Tattoo

It’s another day and the #SolangeGate continues to unfold in unexpected ways. The latest is news that Solange Knowles and Jay Z recently went jewelry shopping in New York City. The news came just a day after video of the singer hitting the rapper leaked to the internet. Apparently it was a seemingly carefully orchestrated PR move that never even happened. Greg Yuna, the owner of the jewelry store, debunked the rumors on The Wendy Williams Show. But that’s not the only crazy development.

After news first broke of the story, Beyonce calmly took in a Nets game with her husband and Jake Gyllenhaal. But not was all as it seemed. The singer was not wearing her wedding ring—which normally covers up her “IV” tattoo—revealing a scar. Rumors quickly mounted that she had the tattoo symbolizing her and Jay’s birthdays removed.

What’s even worse is that Michelle Williams tried to her involve herself by tweeting some random shade, which Solange later favorited. Of course the subtweet is just all part of the speculation of who wronged who, and so on.

But you know what? It’s all a clusterf*ck so we’ll let The Gossip Table take over from here:

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