The Definitive Guide To Everything Usher Has Ever Done In The Club

  • Usher My Way

  • Usher 8701

  • Twork It Out Usher

  • Usher Yeah

  • Usher Beyonce Bad Girl Performance

  • Usher Hottest Thing

  • Usher U Turn

  • Love In This Club Usher

  • Usher Love In This Club Part 2

  • Usher OMG

  • T.I. Usher Guilty

  • Usher Lil Freak

  • Usher Love Em All

  • DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Usher

  • Usher Get In My Car

  • Usher Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  • Usher Scream

  • Usher Good Kisser

If his music is to be taken as truth, Usher spends an awful amount of time in The Club.  And we don’t mean “da club” the way it’s so casually referenced by other R&B artists, but The Club, which seems like the ultimate in nightlife experience. With a career spanning 20 years and 7 albums, Usher Raymond IV is a veteran and expert club goer. And there’re not all that much Usher hasn’t got up to in the familiar club, making the venue a true home away from home for himself.

From obvious acts like making love in the club, to some hidden delights that include serious dance moves, the back of his car, and making demands of the DJ, Usher has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. We convinced that Usher spends more time in the club, at least figuratively, than any other pop star to date. Here we have what we hope is a definitive guide to every mention of the club in the entire Usher discography.