Last Lap: What Does Mariah Carey Wear When Taking Her Kids To The Playground?

Bernhoft makes life underwater sound easy, Miley Cyrus’ stolen car is found, and 50 Cent recalls being challenged by one of music’s leading ladies.

  • Just days after she wore a ball gown while taking the subway, Mariah Carey wore another elaborate outfit while letting her kids play at a local park. The singer wore a gown and heels while pushing her little ones on a swing set. We knew we’d never catch Mimi rocking mom jeans, but wow! [Billboard]
  • Bernhoft’s new video shows him playing underwater. So how long can he actually hold his breath? He tells Big Morning Buzz Live.
  • Miley Cyrus’ stolen Maserati has been found by police. The singer’s Los Angeles home was robbed this past weekend, with the car being one of the expensive items taken from the house. Miley is currently on tour overseas. [NME]
  • Can we believe that Beyonce once went up against one of hip-hop’s hardest rappers to defend Jay Z? According to 50 Cent, Bey stepped to him when she thought her man and Fiddy were about to throw down. Catch the details of Fif’s crazy story. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]