Sam Smith Dreams Of Becoming A Florist And Moving To Italy

We’re often surprised by the range of jobs  our favorite musicians had before they hit it big. But what about the things stars wish they could do instead of making millions of people happy on a nightly basis? Back in March, You Oughta Know artist Sam Smith told us that if he wasn’t singing professionally, he’d be working as a florist. Naturally this unique piece of information was all we needed to create a DIY-explosion here at VH1 HQ.

We invited Sam to New York for a chat and some novice floral designing. He may dream of running off to Italy one day to open his own flower shop, but for now he’s happy to reveal his earliest performance memories in front of some of New York’s finest buds. From serving as the impromptu entertainment at family dinner parties to turning to songwriting in times of sadness and worshipping Amy Winehouse, Sam did not hold back during our recent interview. And his floral design skills speak for themselves. Learn more about June’s YOK act in the video above.

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