Battle Of The Summer Jams: Sam Smith Vs. Ed Sheeran

Welcome back to the Battle of the Summer Jams. After Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande duked it with their respective chart-topping hits, “Fancy” and “Problem,” we’re putting the men to the test. In a battle between two You Oughta Know artists, alumni Ed Sheeran is going up against newcomer Sam Smith. Nearly three years after releasing his debut album, Sheeran is back with his sophomore LP and a new song, “Sing,” raising up the charts. Meanwhile, Smith has been getting tons of love (and hype) in the UK and is now bringing his British swagger to the U.S. His latest single, “Stay With Me,” is getting attention thanks to an assist from Mary J. Blige.

So who will win the YOK battle? That’s up to the fans.

Stay With Me,” Sam Smith

Like we said, the British crooner has been topping the charts in the UK with “Money On My Mind” and his latest, “Stay With Me.” The latter is a slower, soulful jam that’s not typical of summer jams but it’s so powerful that it’s hard not to get hooked. Besides he’s got that British charm that makes him hard to resist.

Sing,” Ed Sheeran

On the first single from his sophomore album, Sheeran gets an assist from Pharrell Williams. On the track, Sheeran channels Justin Timberlake’s solo debut, which was also produced by Williams. The song is a slick jam that has all the essential elements of a summer jam: an addictive beat, sexy vocals, and audience-friendly chorus. Now sing!

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