Justin Bieber Apologizes (Again) For Using Racial Slurs (Again)

Justin Bieber has made his second public apology this week. After addressing a video of himself telling a racist joke at 14, a second clip of Bieber singing along to his track “One Less Lonely Girl” and joking about the KKK leaked on Wednesday. The additional attention around him and his camp has led the singer to both acknowledge and take responsibility for his actions.

“Facing my mistakes from years ago has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with,” Bieber said in a statement. “But I feel now that I need to take responsibility for those mistakes and not let them linger. I just hope that the next 14-year-old kid who doesn’t understand the power of these words does not make the same mistakes I made years ago. At the end of the day I just need to step up and own what I did.” This is the first comment from Bieber after the second video leaked. On Wednesday night, his manager, Scooter Braun, offered up the following on Instagram:

While many are condemning the 20-year-old for his behavior, Young Money president Mack Maine told TMZ he and many of those associated with the label will continue to collaborate with and support Bieber, as he has “legitimately adopted the culture of the hip hop, African American culture.” Find out who else is standing by Bieber’s side from the folks at The Gossip Table.

In addition to thoughtless behavior and racist comments, here are some more things we hope Justin Bieber will leave behind sooner rather than later.

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