Strength In Numbers: 14 Classic Rock Bands With More Than One Lead Singer

Typically in a rock band, there is one lead singer. Sure there may be other band members adding background vocals and harmonies to fill out the sound, but those other members usually have a primary role other than singing. Of course, this is not a steadfast rule by any means. In fact, in the classic rock era the multiple-lead-singer setup was quite prevalent. And some of the greatest bands of all time have had more than one lead vocalist, where each singer is identifiable as a trademark of the band’s sound. As with so many things, it all started with The Beatles, where each member was a commanding vocalist in his own right (even if Paul McCartney and John Lennon handled the lion’s share of vocal duties). And the Fab Four laid the groundwork for a whole slew of classic rock bands that employed the ol’ multiple-lead-singer trick (to great success), whether we’re talking about The Band, Fleetwood Mac or Pink Floyd. Here’s a list of 14 classic rock bands with more than one lead singer that that dropped their egos and let the lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist and tambourine player step into the spotlight and take the vocal reins on some of their band’s biggest songs.

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