Make A Band Famous: Ed Sheeran Breaks Down Busking For The Finalists

TODAY is the day 24 bands start competing one of the greatest Battle Of The Bands ever. VH1 and Republic Records are bringing you “Make A Band Famous”! You’ve helped narrow it down from 60 bands to 24, you’ve met the finalists, and now it’s time to figure out what they will be doing! Too help break it down, we’ve got former VH1 YOK Vet and current international super star, Ed Sheeran!

Throughout the 24-hour event, the bands will be challenged to create music in mysterious and difficult ways. Ed stopped by to tell the bands a little bit about “Busking.” In this challenge, the bands will use a street corner as their stage, playing their music the way struggling artists have been performing for years. Hats in their hands, they will be on the streets collecting cash. Too bad they can’t keep any of it.

In 24 hours, we will take 24 bands and make 1 overnight success. Be sure to visit and vote to keep your favorite bands alive. Watch as all the bands battle it out in our 24-hour live stream event starting June 11 at 8/7/ C at