If You Like Piña Coladas… The 20 Greatest Beachside Songs Of All Time

Finally, the summer is arriving. Time to let loose, shred some clothing, and grab a cocktail with a mini umbrella… or maybe a few. Who’s counting?

Summer is the time for falling in love (with Justin Timberlake), being free, jamming out, skinny dipping, and wearing thongs (Sisqo style) in public. Why not!? From kicking it old school in Kokomo with The Beach Boys, grabbing a cold margarita with Jimmy Buffet (frozen, with salt), or lighting one up with Bob Marley, these songs will never disappoint in getting you in the relaxed summer mode. Refresh your memory with the video above and relive some of last summer’s greatest themes (and which ones the stars picked as their favorite!).

We can see tan lines, smell the coconut and feel the rays now… and whether you’re in the mood to rage, light a doobie, or make sweet, sweet love by the ocean side, we have a song to get you inspired for almost every beach activity you can think of. Start living easy, it’s the summer time.


Margaritavtille – Jimmy Buffet

You know you’re in a prime state of mentality when your biggest issue is that you can’t find your saltshaker. And how do we need our margaritas?? With salt!

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