Selena Gomez Reacts To Miley’s Onstage Diss… And It Is Not Pretty

Looks like Miley Cyrus took her beef with Selena Gomez international, as she openly dissed the singer onstage during a recent performance in Milan, Italy. How low did Miley go? As low as performing her song “FU” while holding a cardboard cutout of an almost naked chick with Selena’s face pasted on it. Ouch. Apparently, Selena wasn’t as shocked as we were…

Not only did Miley sing with the cutout that she grabbed from the audience, but she threw it back out to them after the song. Damn Miley, how do you really feel? According to Hollywood Life, Selena is not at all happy about what Miley did, but she does think Miley will do just about anything to get attention. Because of this, Selena “doesn’t really have any respect” for the fellow Disney darling and even feels sorry for her for feeling the need to go to such extremes.

The feud was first ignited when rumors spread of Miley getting extra close to the Biebs during his relationship with Selena. As Selena continues to keep quiet in public and on social media, Miley makes it pretty clear where she stands. A burning question remains: is Justin Bieber really worth fighting over?

The Gossip Table crew discussed their take on the issue this morning, check out the video below to hear what they had to say. Will people of America back their sweetheart Selena Gomez? Or will they side with wild child Miley? Whose team are you on?


[Photo Credit: Splash]

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