First Dibs: Did Cheezy And The Crackers Step Into The Light During Make A Band Famous?

What’s Robin Thicke naming his new album? Iggy Azalea may have learned about dirty words at a young age, and Jennifer Lopez brings us to tears while promoting her upcoming album.

  • One of the bands competing in our Make A Band Famous challenge totally lit up our lives! Cheezy And The Crackers performed their reggae-infused song, “Where’s The Light,” as they tried to grab a chance at stardom. Watch the clip above and then head over to the Make A Band Famous home page to see if the guys are still in the running! [VH1]
  • It’s no secret that Robin Thicke has been pining for his estranged wife, Paula Patton. But now the singer is taking things to the next level, with reports that he’s actually titling his next album Paula. It’ll certainly be interesting to watch how this plays out. [Us Magazine]
  • Who knew that Iggy Azalea’s dad was an author of children’s books? And who knew that one of those books was laced with expletives? Apparently, the rapper’s dad once penned a book called The Runt Who Said C**t, and he’s clearly not ashamed of it. [Idolator]
  • Jennifer Lopez has us emotional after watching the new promo clip featuring her song, “Emotions.” The singer’s next album, A.K.A., drops next week, so even if J. Lo makes you cry today, she’ll be making you smile by Tuesday! [MTV News]