Last Lap: Tony Memmel Brings Music To Brooklyn’s Streets During Make A Band Famous

Why did someone start a petition against Beyonce? Rihanna gives fans a sneak peek at her new role in an animated film, while Drake and Lil Wayne are prepared to take your town by storm.

  • There’s no way you won’t be impressed with Tony Memmel’s beautiful acoustic sound. And the guitarist took his talent to a street corner in Brooklyn, seeing if he could win Make A Band Famous’ busking challenge. He made his way to becoming one of the four finalists in our competition — was he able to make more money than the other challengers? Find out by heading to our Make A Band Famous home page! [VH1]
  • Rihanna has gone from wearing a scandalous sheer dress to starring in an animated movie. The singer posted the trailer for Home, which features her in a voice-over role alongside The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. [Vibe]
  • People are hating pretty hard on Beyonce’s parenting skills. An online petition is calling for Bey to “comb [Blue Ivy’s] hair,” saying our favorite baby in the music biz looks less than stellar when she’s out with her famous parents. Sorry, but we don’t buy it. Blue’s life is already way better than most of ours, and there’s nothing wrong with her natural hair! [Perez Hilton]
  • Lil Wayne and Drake are joining forces to make your summer the hottest on record. The hip-hop stars are embarking on a joint tour (!!!) that will kick off in August. Find out when they’re hitting up your home turf! [MTV News]