Battle Of The Summer Jams: Calvin Harris Vs. Katy Perry

Welcome back to the Battle of the Summer Jams. The weather is heating up and so are the music charts thanks to two new songs from both Calvin Harris and Katy Perry. Both artists have a proven history with making summer the best time to dance. It’s a surprise they haven’t teamed up for the ultimate summer jam since Harris has no problem working with pop’s top divas (Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch and Rihanna) and Perry has an ear for smart producers. Just ask Dr. Luke and Kesha. But enough chit chat, it’s time for “Summer” to face off with “Birthday.”

As for last week, Ed Sheeran nudged out Sam Smith with his Pharrell Williams-produced jam, “Sing.” The song took 61 percent of the vote proving that you are more interested in a party than romance. Sorry Sam, try again later.

But back to the battle at hand. Who’s it going to be?

Summer,” Calvin Harris

When the song is called “Summer” it’s hard not to imagine it’s going to be the jam heard everywhere over the next three months. Harris sticks to his hit-making formula but mixes it up by taking the lead instead of relying on his usual diva-of-choice’s vocals.

Birthday,” Katy Perry

Everyone knows that summer birthdays are the best and with a song like the one by Katy Perry, it’s hard not to have the best dance party ever. This ’80s pop-infused dance track makes it hard to sit in one’s seat.

Now it’s time to vote:

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