Make A Band Famous Winners Fancy Reagan Discuss Instant Fame

They might celebrate with sleep, and they might celebrate with a happy hour. Who’s to say? Right now, Make A Band Famous winner Fancy Reagan has the world at their feet, and we had an exclusive interview with the band as they told us about being on cloud nine, and what it’s like to taste instant fame!

As the adrenaline is pumping, Fancy Reagan looks back on quite possibly the craziest 24 hours of their life. We sat down with the champs this morning, as they gave us the inside scoop on what really went down in the competition, what it was like working with celebrity judges, and getting a twitter shout out from pop princess, Ariana Grande. Nothing can come between this hard-working group and their music, and we have no doubt they’re well on their way to fame.

How are you all feeling right now?

Rich: Awesome.

Sean: Great. We’re kind of running on a lot of adrenaline and it’s what’s getting us through everything right now but we’re on cloud nine and we couldn’t be happy and thankful enough

How are you guys going to celebrate?

Sean: More sleep.

Rich: Ready to rage. Maybe happy hour? Ultimately sleep is going to be a good way to celebrate.

When you won what was the first thing that went through your mind?

Sean: Now the work begins.

Rich I kind of froze up.

Jason: Rich like turned white.

Chris: Rich totally blanked out, the rest of us were kind of like hugging, Rich was just like standing there

Sean: That was definitely all of us throughout the competition, like every round, when we kept getting further and further, we were like, is this happening? What’s happening? It happened so fast.

Jason: It was so surreal that it was happening, I know I looked back and I was like 24 hours ago I was sitting in a parking lot being like alright let’s go play this.

Is there any one moment throughout the competition that really stuck with you?

Sean: For me, we did a collaboration, one of the challenges was make a super band and we ended up teaming up with Tyke T which was an amazing group, and we just knocked it out of the park. As soon as we got together with them, we were like who’s your musical director? Who’s your drummer? Ok, let’s put everybody together. Who are the singers? Let’s figure out the arrangement. It was just like bam, bam, bam.

Did you guys know Ariana Grande gave you a shout out on twitter?

All: We do, yes.

What’s your relationship with Miss Ariana?

Sean: Yeah, we’re friends.

Oh yeah, you go back?

Sean: Not back, but we know each other. Mutual friends.

Going back to the competition, is there anything the judges said that really left a mark?

Rich: There were probably two things, among all of the feedback, one of them being: full package. Look, sound, everything that goes along with it. Which was obviously very flattering and very humbling and great to hear that from people of that stature of course. There was another time when they said Chris wasn’t a tight drummer and we all got a little heated, at that point I think we all decided to step up our game and prove people wrong, that was our mission from that point forward.

Sean: Another really good part about us as a band is that we really rose to the occasion and came together for every round. We took the advice from the previous round that the judges gave and we applied it to the next round. We just kept doing our thing, stuck to our guns, and that was one of the things we had talked about before entering this competition. Once we knew we were in the top 24, we were like, let’s just do us. Let’s just stick to what we know, and what we know best.

Are you guys working on any new music right now?

All: Yup.

Sean: Yeah, we’re constantly working on our new music, we never stop doing that. And we’re still really specifying who we are as a band and our sound. I really think from this competition, it really started to shine and come through I think we’re really starting to find a good niche.

Do you ever get writers block? When you feel like you need to be inspired, what do you do?

Sean: That’s pretty interesting, because for the first time it wasn’t like normally when you have writers block you step away from it and come back to it later, because you know it’s just not the right time because it’s forced, you have to wait until it comes naturally. Usually the best songs are the ones that happen in like 10 minutes and just flow out of you.

For one of the challenges, we actually had to write an original song about fame or about becoming famous, and we wrote this song called “Almost Famous”, which I don’t know if we’ll record but hopefully we do, and we had 6 or 7 hours to write the whole song and mind you that round started about one in the morning so we’re already like starting to fade and we were like alright we have to kick it in gear. And literally for 3 hours we just couldn’t come up with anything we were like this is just not happening.

Jason: We kept changing where we were, switching rooms, changing it up.

Chris: And they had all the bands in the same room, so you heard everyone trying to play their own thing so it was a challenge to focus on what we were trying to accomplish and hear each other in addition to having a little bit of writers block and being absolutely exhausted.

Sean: And then all of a sudden, something just popped. And we were like, oh, that’s it!

Bobby: The judges were clapping, all the other bands got involved and they were singing along by the end of our song so it worked out.

Chris: Natasha and Kurt gave us a standing O at the end of it so you can’t beat that.

Let’s flash-forward to when you’re big and rich and famous, what’s one thing about fame that you’re looking forward to and one thing you’re skeptical or worried about?

Sean: It’s always kind of been a dream of ours, it’s kind of an inside joke since we started rehearsing in our rehearsal space in Jersey, I’ll start off the rehearsal with “What’s up Madison Square Garden?!” and it just kind of sets the tone for the rehearsal so it’s a lot of visualizing and seeing ourselves already being there. For me, as an artist and musician, that’s a big part of how I set my goals I really visualize where I see myself going and how I’m going to get there. And so far it’s been working.

Last question, we know you guys love Lost

Rich: Three of us do, yup.

Who was your favorite character?

Bobby: Oh. So hard. Maybe Sayid.

Rich: Yeah, Sayid’s always right. That’s a good way to put it. Desmond! He is just the character. I feel like I identify with Jack sometimes, but Desmond is one of the most intricate, interesting and the coolest character.

Chris: Yeah, Desmund and Jack for me too. And Sayid is probably a close third, can’t go wrong rooting for the three of them.


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