Chains And Whips Excite Them! 10 Pop Stars We’re Pretty Sure Are Undercover Dominatrixes

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By Georgette Pierre
Some of pop music’s biggest female stars have been known to push limits in their music and style. From recurring dominatrix themes, we think some of these women are undercover freaks….and we like it!

Last month, Madonna and Katy Perry were nothing short of racy in their cover spread with V MagazineIt was a naughty leather-studded affair, featuring Katy Kat straddling Lady Madge, who was also bent over on all fours -and occasionally tied up on the couch. Purr, indeed! With a three-decade spanning career and 12 albums under her belt, the Queen of Pop still has the power to shock, and the power to bring the sexiness.

Of course, we won’t forget how Rihanna went all sexy on us in her “S&M” video, insinuating all kinds of things that she’d like us to do (mostly involving chains and whips). Those visuals are burned in our brain forever, and we’re thankful for it! She also stunned on a V Magazine dominatrix-themed cover spread last year with Kate Moss. Those photos looked haute and heavy. Na na na come on! Need we sing more?

And these are certainly not the last ladies of pop who seem to like it a little rough. All hail Lady Gaga who plays the freakiness card all the time, but as seen on her 2009 Maxim spread. And her every day out-and-about wear looks pretty kinky, too. But honestly, would you expect anything less from Mother Monster?

A lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets, head up to the gallery above for 10 women who we think are undercover dominatrixes.

[Photo: Instagram, Splash News, V Magazine]