Ranked: Every Jennifer Lopez Single From Worst To Best

The year was 2014 and it came to our attention that Jennifer Lopez’s singing career was turning 15 after debuting in 1999 with “If You Had My Love.” What seemed like a vanity project at the time to prove she a multi-talented performer, On the 6th turned out to be a huge hit and launched a self-sustaining music career. Ten albums later, Jennifer Lopez is still going strong (well maybe not as strong as her initial debut but still humming along). Now that she’s back on the radio with the release of A.K.A., we thought it was time to rank all 30 of her singles from worst to best. Everything from “I’m Real” to “Into To You” finds its place among the highs and lows of J. Lo’s singing career.

30. “Alive

Co-written with Lopez’s ex-husband, choreographer Chris Judd, the ballad was a total misstep. The song was produced for Enough, but was wisely left of the movie’s film score.

29. “Hold You Down

“Hold You Down” attempted to replicate the success of “All I Have” but got lost in a Shirley Murdock sample that strangely chilling. Not a good vibe.

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