Battle Of The Summer Jams: Becky G Versus 5 Seconds Of Summer

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another round of the Battle of the Summer Jams. Last week, Katy Perry (“Birthday) faced off against Calvin Harris (“Summer”). And despite having a record called “Summer,” Harris couldn’t beat the chart-topping diva. “Birthday” took 56 percent of the vote. Now that she’s in the winner’s slot, it’s time to find another who will join her and the previous weeks’ winners. Up to the challenge is newcomer Becky G, who is racing up the charts with the addictive song, “Shower.” Her catchy track is up against the Aussie pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. Their song, “She Looks So Perfect,” has garnered them attention here in the U.S.

So let’s take a listen to each track:

Shower,” Becky G

Becky G is a singer/rapper who went from a YouTube sensation to a legit radio star with her new song, “Shower.” The song — with all its Kidz bop appeal — is surprisingly catchy, leaving fans dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower. Let’s face we’ve all done it!

She Looks So Perfect,” 5 Seconds of Summer

An answer to Becky’s infatuation anthem is “She Looks So Perfect,” which the Aussie rockers’ ode to that American Apparel wearing pretty young thing. They remind us of those pop punk bands that owned TRL every summer. And thanks to their catchy song, we’re feeling their vibe.

Now that you’ve heard the songs, it’s time to vote. Who is it going to be? You have all week to vote.

[Photo: Getty]