The Last Words Of 15 Music Legends

  • Jimi Hendrix

  • Cobain

We’ve offered up many reminders that rock ’n’ roll has more than its fair share of occupational hazards, from plane crashes, drug overdoses, murders, freak accidents, and even stage mishaps. Tragically, we’ve lost so many of music’s finest far too soon, but now we’d like to share their final messages with the world. Yes, these are their last words before they went up to that great gig in the sky.

Superstars always have people around to jot down a quote or lyric, and luckily someone was on hand to capture what sadly turned out to be their final utterance. Some words were profound, others silly, some were poignant, and others merely involved telling people to f-ck off. Hey’re they’re rock stars, after all! Regardless, all of these lines are historic, and we’re grateful that they were recorded for posterity. Head up to the gallery above to learn the last words of 15 music legends.

[Photo: Getty Images]