Exclusive Video Premiere: Jason Mraz, “Love Someone”

Happy Friday! VH1 is pleased to bring you an exclusive first look at Jason Mraz’s newest music video. “Love Someone” captures the progression of a relationship from its early, carefree stages to the days when having that special person by your side is the only thing that matters. Don’t believe us? Take it up with Jason and his flawless band of lady angels.

Zoom in on house at night, whose cozy backyard decor is worthy of a few aspirational Pinterest decisions. Mraz quietly strums on his guitar and backed by a flock of ladies in all white while scenes of couples at varying ages flash on screen. Through the years we see how relationships can transform from first dates and coy flirtation to cohabitation and comfort in times of need. Because when you love someone you become “more than just a partner or a lover.” You see, your heart beats so loud and your feet can’t touch the ground. You become a friend, a companion and an individual who is prone to shoulder shrugs and hip swivels (we see you, Jason!). The sweet clip and Jason’s endearing dance moves are perfect for your summer afternoon. Check it out above.

[Photo Credit: Jen Rosenstein]