One Album Wonders: 10 Classic Rock Bands Whose Legacy Rests On A Single Studio Album

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Though its significance is on the wane due to single-song downloads, time was when the full-length studio album was the ultimate artistic achievement of any self-respecting rock band or artist. An album was the encapsulation of all a band’s talents and personality, and when we think of the greatest artists of rock, their reputations were made on a canon of recorded works. But what about those bands and artists whose legacy rests on a single release? The lure of lucrative reunion concerts has seen some of these groups get back together in one form or another over the years but in the case of singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley or the pre-Pearl Jam grunge group Mother Love Bone, the tragedy of death has made their absence permanent. The following 10 artists released only one studio album in their brief tenure but that one album has stood the test of time and earned them a place in the hall of rock greats. We’ve limited our list to artists that should have been long-running and continuous touring and recording units and not included side-projects like Temple Of The Dog or Mad Season (that’ll be another list someday). Check out 10 rock bands and artists that only gave the world one awesome album before everything fell apart and if you love great music, be sure to give these records a listen and find out why we’re still talking about them today.