Sam Smith Has Had Enough One Night Stands

Sam Smith’s fanatical tendencies know no bounds. As an artist on the rise, he repeatedly credits legendary divas like Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan for helping to shape his musical taste, and bows down to Beyoncé and her flawless fierceness. He thinks Kanye West is a genius and Miley Cyrus a necessary lightning rod for pop culture. But what about the always-controversial Justin Bieber? Eh, let’s just leave that one be.

Our June You Oughta Know artist shared what he loves (green juice, the Royal family, Yeezus) and what he’d like to avoid (waking up in Vegas) during a recent chat at VH1. So if you want to hang with Sam, we recommend scrounging up some fresh vegetables, keeping out of Sin City and agreeing to stay with him for more than one night. Get to know the newest member of the YOK family a bit better by watching the video above.