VH1 Vintage: Katy Perry Won’t Experience True Love Until She Gets With McLovin

Katy Perry has dated her fair share of duds. From her marriage to Russell Brand to an on-again, off-again romance with John Mayer, the human rainbow just can’t seem to find a man who shines as brightly as she does. She’s always had a thing for funny guys, and back in 2008, she had her eye on unexpected movie star: McLovin.

On the red carpet for Spike’s Guys Choice Awards, a fresh-faced Perry couldn’t stop telling VH1 how sexy Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character is in the breakout comedy, Superbad. She also revealed she’s into men who are good at “that thing.” McLovin’ was always an overachiever, so his chances at scoring with 2008 Perry were probably high. But do you think CMP knows about this? Is there a love connection six years in the making that VH1 could facilitate right now? It is kind of our thing; we love bringing beautiful people together. Christopher, if you’re out there… Katy’s interested!

Perry’s Prismatic World Tour hit U.S. soil this week, and we can’t wait to see her perform in all of her multi-color glory. In honor of Throwback Thursday, check out an informative vintage interview with the singer, who isn’t shy about letting the cameras know what turns her on. (Sorry, Mrs. Hudson.) At the time, all we knew of Katy was that she once kissed a girl – and liked it. Isn’t it great to see that her penchant for loud jewelry and oversharing hasn’t changed?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]