Celebrate Ariana Grande’s 21st Birthday With Her 21 Least Kid-Friendly Looks

By Christopher Rosa 

Cheers, everyone–Ariana Grande can now legally get drunk! That’s right: The pint-sized powerhouse turns the big 2-1 today. We hope it doesn’t make you feel old as hell when you realize the singer already has a No. 1 album under her belt, and her latest single “Problem” is slaying Billboard records left and right. We’ve never needed a beer more than we do right now. #failures

Grande’s 21 status means she’s not a girl (…not yet a woman?) anymore. And she’s expressing this the best way she knows how: Fashion. The Nickelodeon star has been taking some not-so-Nickelodeon risks with her clothes lately. Clearly the thigh-high boots Grande’s recently been donning at Every. Awards. Show.  scream, “I’m a grown ass woman.” And yes she is.

In honor of this monumental occasion, we’ve put together 21 of Grande’s least G-rated looks for your viewing pleasure. Happy birthday, A! We love the way you make us feel.

[Photos: Getty Images]