Who Needs ‘Em Anyway? Singers Who Hate Pants

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  • Miley

  • lilwayne

  • gaga

  • iggy

  • christina


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  • katy

  • RHCP

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  • liza-warner

Who said pants were required to express your art? On stage, online and really anywhere at all, for these stars, no pants = no problem.

When you’re a famous pop, rock or any kind of star, social etiquette really doesn’t matter much because the world most likely worships you anyway. Most people would get the evil eye or looks of pure confusion if they walked down the street in leotards or socks over their penises…most people however, except these singers. A perk of fame: wearing no pants without looking completely ridiculous.

If you kick it like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, you would wear pants, but they’d probably be down around your knees, defeating their purpose entirely. It’s arguable whether Queen Bey has worn this clothing item since her Destiny’s Child days and on her current Bangerz Tour, Miley takes the term “butt floss” very, very literally. Even icons like Cher and Liza Minnelli still get leggy and show off their goods. Yes, when these stars make the decision to go without pants, they commit to it. When Miss I-G-G-Y Azalea isn’t strutting her stuff onstage in teeny tiny or nonexistent pants, you may find her quoting Clueless, like in the video below. One thing is certain: no matter the era, genre, or entertainer, those performing without pants will always get our attention.

They say sex sells, and whoever “they” are, were right.




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