Last Lap: Where’s Miley Cyrus Headed With Her Bangerz Tour?

The guys from Daft Punk get ready for their close-ups, Haim promises new music, and Vanessa Carlton has a baby on board.

  • Is Miley Cyrus’ raunchy tour really headed to network TV? The singer tweeted that NBC would be airing a behind-the-scenes look at the Bangerz tour July 6. The special, clocking in at two hours, probably will steer clear of the naughtiest parts of Miley’s act, so it’ll be interesting to see what footage will make the show. [Rolling Stone]
  • The sisters from Haim made quite an impression last year with their album, Days Are Gone. Now the band is promising fans new music “very soon,” with the ladies planning to be back in the studio next month. While you’re waiting, check out the clip below as the sister tell us about themselves. [NME]
  • A new TV documentary will reveal more about Daft Punk then the duo’s fans ever knew. The film will air in Europe and give the members a chance to shine sans helmets. [Spin]
  • Vanessa Carlton was all set to drop a new album this year, but it looks like she’ll be dropping a bundle of joy instead! Well, the singer didn’t give an exact due date for her baby, but she’s putting her focus on her family and hoping to release her LP next year. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]