First Dibs: Justin Bieber’s Mugshot Displayed During On the Run Show

Why was M.I.A. so mad at BBC? Watch Sia perform “Chandelier” with her back turned away from the audience the whole entire time and Zendaya responds to taking on the role of a lifetime.

  • The Carters are pros at being neutral on most controversial topics but did Beyoncé throw shade at Justin Bieber at the latest “On the Run” show? Fans live-tweeted the event with a photo of Justin Bieber’s mugshot that was projected on stage with Beyoncé while she told fans, “Even the greatest can fall.” Other mugshots included Tupac’s and Bill Gate’s. [Mirror]
  • M.I.A. was furious with BBC for banning her performance at Glastonbury because of her politically charged t-shirt. “BBC WONT BROADCAST MY GLASTONBURY SHOW / COZ MY T SHIRT IS TOO POLITICAL. BOOOOO,” she tweeted. BBC DJ Stuart Maconiestruck later tweeted back by saying, “Don’t know where M.I.A gets her info from but we fully intend to broadcast some of her set. And we’re streaming it.” BBC did infact broadcast her performance later on and there has been no comment from M.I.A. since. [Pitchfork]
  • It is proper etiquette to never put your back to the audience while on stage but Sia doesn’t always follow the rules. In her brilliant performance at Logo’s Trailblazers, Sia sang “Chandelier” with her back to the audience the whole time while The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus sang with Sia wigs on and choreographer Ryan Heffington danced on the stage. The performance was electric and the back of Sia’s head was ridiculous. [MTV News]
  • After much controversy over whether or not Zendaya Coleman is the right actress to portray Aaliyah in the upcoming biopic, Coleman addresses her side of the story and her many similarities to the late R&B singer in a phone interview with Revolt. [Revolt]

[Photo credit: Getty images]