Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath On The Sound Of 1999 And One-Hit Wonders

Do you hate it when the artist or group you’ve paid money to see in concert decides to perform new songs nobody knows the words to? Me too! And so does Mark McGrath.

As the creator of the Under the Sun tour, the Sugar Ray frontman understands the power that his songs can have, even ones that were popular when Carson Daly was dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. For the second summer in a row, McGrath has recruited a slew of his ’90s comrades (Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker) whose rabid fan bases are still willing to pay to hear the hits. Despite branching out into acting with a role in the upcoming Sharknado 2: The Second One, McGrath is always willing to play “Fly” — especially if the stage is located near a Denny’s.

The musician, actor and host dropped by VH1 to chat about all things nostalgic, including his band’s classic album, 14:59. After breakout hit “Fly” took Sugar Ray from touring with new-metal groups like Korn to the TRL studio in Times Square, Mark McGrath was eager to address the public’s assumption that they’d be one-hit wonders. “My whole thing was, if we only have one hit, I’m going to make fun of us, too,” McGrath said of the cheeky album title. “[Critics will] understand we’re in on it, and maybe they’ll listen without prejudice.” The 1999 release would go on to produce hits like “Every Morning,” “Someday” and “Falls Apart,” allowing the band to hang around for much longer than the requisite 15 minutes. Jokes on you, I guess? Check out the video above to find out whether or not McGrath will ever write a new song again, and hear his defense of the dreaded term “one-hit wonder.”

Catch Sugar Ray and the Under the Sun tour when it comes to a city near you now through August 15. Need more 1999 in your life? Let the nostalgia wash over you with this oh-so-vintage playlist:

[Photo Credit: Atlantic]