The Highs And (Many) Lows Of Michelle Williams’ Solo Career

Oh Michelle Williams, how interesting your life after Destiny’s Child has been. It started off promising with the release of Heart to Yours, your debut solo gospel album but then it just slid and slid and slid. Most recently, things looked like they were turning around when it was announced you would be starring in a national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar but then at the last minute it was canceled. But fear not, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a Beyoncé-directed music video for your new song. There’s still (some) hope left because it hasn’t been all bad. So let’s look bad on the highs and lows of your solo career.

Before you dip into the highs and lows of Williams’ career, find out what she would say yes to. (She more than hesitates when it comes to babysitting Blue Ivy…)

Okay back to business:

High: Williams’ solo debut, Heart to Yours, becomes the best-selling gospel album of 2002. Receiving generally positive reviews, the album won a MOBO award for Best Gospel Act. Low: Her first single, “Heard a Word,” appears as a bonus on Destiny’s Child throwaway remix album.

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