Last Lap: Which Mythical Creature will be in Paris Hilton’s New Music Video?

Lil Wayne announces an album release date for the Carter V, kind of. Robin Thicke’s latest music video/plea for Paula involves little kids and Iggy Azalea tops the Hot 100 with not one but two singles.

  • YMCMB artist Paris Hilton has been busy shooting a music video for her newest single, “Come Alive.” However, she did have a few seconds to Instagram pictures of her “magical makeup” and unicorn on set. Yes, unicorn. Hilton appropriately captioned one of her photos with the mythical creature, “Living the dream…” Loves it. [Instagram]
  • Everyone is dying to know when Lil Wayne will release the highly anticipated “Carter V.” MTV got a chance to ask the rapper for an official date but got a mixed response. Wayne himself is not even entirely sure when the album will be released. His best guestimate was August 25th or July. The one detail that will put your mind at ease is that he confirmed the album is complete. We’re ready for you Weezy. [Complex]
  • Robin Thicke pulls another stunt in his latest video to recapture the heart of estranged wife, Paula Patton. This time, he uses kids to tug at her heart strings. The video has little kids pretending to be at a wedding, singing along to his single “Still Madly Crazy.” It even ends with two kids, a boy and a girl, who resemble the ex-couple. The video is probably meant to seem adorable but at this point it, it’s just sad. We get it. She gets it. It’s time to move on. [MTV News]
  • Congrats Iggy Azalea! The Australian rapper has two singles in the top two spots on Billboard’s Hot 100. One is her monstrous hit, “Fancy” and the other is Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” a song Azalea featured on. In the midst of much controversy, Iggy is still number one. [Billboard]

[Photo credit: Getty Images]