VH1 Celebrity Matchmaker: Which Smoking Hot Stud Should Miley Roll With?

We all know that Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed, but does she need a wild man to run free with her, or a chilled out bro to bring her down to earth?

When it comes to eligible bachelors who can court miss Miley, personality traits (and looks, for that matter) can go many of ways. Wild and crazy or chill and hazy? Party animal or buttoned up businessman? Scruffy or clean cut? We all know what happened when her relationship with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth went up in flames, so what does this 21-year-old who has it all (including money, fame, and a lot o’ pot) really need to make a relationship work? Have no fear, Miley. VH1 is the ultimate matchmaker, and we won’t stop.

Should she rekindle her flame (and by flame, we mean a very small, fleeting hookup) with Hollywood hunk Kellan Lutz? Maybe her shirtless selfies would be kicked up a notch with a handsome and tipsy James Franco beside her… She could also have a good time showing the ultimate boy next door Taylor Lautner a few things he has never (and we mean NEVER) seen before. Then again, there’s rap’s sultry sweetheart Drake and rock’s sexy single man, Jared Leto, who we could also see on Miley’s arm.

Take a look at what these bachelors have to offer this wild child and vote for your favorite match in our poll below. Besides fake cars and giant hot dogs, who do you think Miley should take for a ride?


Bachelor 1: Jared Leto, 42

This hottie rocks out and definitely likes to party, but we’d like to think he keeps things classy too (Oscar winner up in here). Miley needs someone to hop on her crazy train, but also an older, more experienced man to keep her in check and maybe show her some of the finer things in life (not that bedazzled, marijuana printed leotards aren’t fancy as hell). Plus, their outfits would make for the most awesomely eccentric couple ever. What more could Miley ask for?

Who’s The Perfect Guy For Miley’s Madness?

Bachelor 2: Taylor Lautner, 22

This pairing may seem ridiculous, but while this Hollywood jock could bring some down-to-earth reality into Miley’s unicorn and rainbow-filled world, she could bring him on the ride of his life. For Taylor, it’s goodbye innocence and for Miley, hello nice normality. All is fair in love and war, and these two shaking up each other’s worlds could create the sexiest battlefield yet.

Bachelor 3: James Franco, 36

No one could argue that these two would be the modern day Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton (having sex in limos and openly talking about it while licking each other’s faces). While they have the stage in common, they lead two different lives of acting and singing. They could dabble in their shared love of… recreational activities, and take endless weird selfies. The thought of these two hot messes coming together is so wrong, it’s right.

Bachelor 4: Kellan Lutz, 29

Kellan is a stand up guy that cleans up real nicely, but definitely loves to party… maybe a little more so than Miley’s ex, Liam, which is why this could actually work. The two hooked up back in December, but we think they should turn their once mild make out sesh into something a little more hot ’n’ heavy.

Bachelor 5: Drake, 27

Take if from Beyonce and Jay-Z: couples that rap together, stay together. If these two became a couple, they may just dethrone Bey and her man as music’s greatest rappin’ and tappin’ power couple. Well, maybe not to that extreme, but while these two could serenade each other with sick rhymes; Drake’s million-dollar smile may just be enough to soften up Miley’s hardcore persona.

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