First Dibs: Taylor Swift Remains Hopeful for the Music Industry

The CIA addresses their knowledge on Tupac’s whereabouts, Charli XCX performs “Boom Clap” on “Late Night with Seth Myers,” HAIM drops a hip-hop collaboration with rapper A$AP Ferg, and more.

  • In Taylor Swift’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece, Swift claims she “believes that the music industry is not dying…it’s just coming alive.” She also equates the way fans identify with music with the way people look at relationships. This singer-songwriter has a lot more to share than her usual love song. [WSJ]
  • To celebrate being on Twitter for one month now, the CIA held a 10 minute Q&A session. Here’s a snippet of what we learned: the CIA does not know your password (uh huh, sure), they are hiring (but can you pass that background check?), and they don’t know where Tupac is (dammit!). Check out what other knowledge the CIA dropped on us. [Twitter]
  • Charli XCX put on an amazing performance of “Boom Clap” on “Late Night with Seth Myers.” Watch the full performance here. [Pitchfork]

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  • HAIM revamps their version of “My Song 5” by getting A$AP Ferg to lay a verse on the track. [MTV News]
  • Madonna received special treatment during jury duty and other upstanding citizens were pissed, but the court had good reason (maybe). [NME]
  • Usher has a new song, “She Came to Give it to You,” and guess which song-writing rap diva is featured on it. If you guessed Nicki Minaj, you’re right. Take a listen. [Complex]
  • Paramore’s Hayley Williams talks about the band’s rise from near demise and how she hates being asked about her hair. [Rolling Stone]
  • Oh, and we’ll just leave you with this: Paris Hilton has a new song. [RawMusicEnt]

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