Fierce + Feline: A Guide To All Of The Animals Featured In Beyonce’s Music Videos

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We love Beyonce. We love animals. So when the two come together, we’re naturally going to be extremely happy about it.

Bey likes to use her favorite furry creatures for a few reasons, such as metaphors, symbolism and just being as hardcore at life as she is. The most common reason? To prove a point: don’t f**k with her. Rawr! It didn’t take much for Beyonce to convince us to join her army of girl power and overall fierceness. Adding these animals into the mix just makes us wonder where and how much sooner we can sign up.

Beyonce has fabulously danced, sang and stood (because let’s be honest, she already has our attention at that) with many of intimidating animals in her music videos. From alligators to lions and giant cats to hyenas, we’ve seen the claws from a wide range of creatures come out. However, this is nothing new. Beyonce has hung with crawly creatures on screen from her vintage “Upgrade U” and Sasha Fierce to more recent “Yonce” days. Check out the gallery above to figure out the very particular animal use in various Beyonce music videos and learn some of her method behind all of the (awesome) wildlife madness.


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