How To Prepare For A Beyonce Live Performance: A Step By Step Guide

There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she gets to witness Queen Bey in concert. Once you earn that privilege, you must be prepared in every way possible. If you’re going to see Beyoncé (and Jay Z) this weekend when the On The Run tour hits Metlife Stadium, you better get your mind right. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Alert the Beyhive and take notes because we have all you need to know when preparing for a Beyoncé concert.

 1. Ring The AlarmSave your money.

No one ever said seeing Beyoncé would be cheap. You need to pack lunch, walk home and stay in for a few weekends in order to get good seats to the best show in town. And don’t complain about the price or the Beygency will get you.

2. ’03 Bonnie & ClydeChoose your partner in crime.

Deciding who you want to go with is crucial to your BEYONCÉ experience. Choose someone who you can have fun with (preferably another Beyoncé fan) or someone who can hold your stuff while you go crazy.

 3. Freakum Dress: Construct the perfect outfit.

Don’t be a lame and scramble for an outfit at the last minute. Even if you’re busy at work, you should be visualizing your outfit from head to toe.

What kind of fitted will you rock?

Are you going casual?


Straight from the office chic?

Super glam?

Or will you be rocking your OTR gear?

4. ***Flawless: Make up, nails and hair.

The Internet is the best place to find Beyoncé inspired make up, nails and hair tutorials. Here are a few of our favorites:

But make up isn’t a requirement. You can go with a gorgeous naked face too.

5. Partition: Practice Beyography.

Beyography is essential to the Beyoncé experience. Get familiar with:

The “Uh Oh”

The “Single Ladies”

The “Bee Body Roll”

The “Run The World”

And our favorite, the “Bey Bug Out”

6. Sweet Dreams: Get a good night’s rest.

A solid eight hours of sleep and vocal rest is important so you have enough energy to take on the night. Power naps are also key.

7. Deja Vu: Have Beyoncé discography on heavy rotation.

Thank us later.

8. Drunk In Love: *Only for 21-year-olds and older* Turn up with a pregame party.

Here are some Beyoncé inspired drinks:

’Put a Ring on It’ shot


1/2 ounce Alacrán tequila

1/4 ounce peach schnapps

Orange juice.


Fill a shot glass halfway with tequila, and add peach schnapps. Float a few drops of orange juice on top.

[The Daily Meal]

The “Beyoncé” Watermelon Drunk in Love Inspired Cocktail

Watermelon Keg

9. Diva: Take pre-show selfies. #UCANHATEMENOW

There is no shame in taking pre-show selfies to show your friends how fabulous you look before Bey takes the stage. Create fun hashtags like #BeyhiveRepresent, #BeyWatch, #Beezus, #WerkBey, etc.

10. Party: HAVE FUN.

Last but not least, HAVE A BLAST. None of these tips would matter if you don’t let loose and have fun with your friends. Beyoncé would want you to– trust us.



[Photo credit: Getty images & Instagram]