The Greatest Relationship In Drake’s Life Is The One He Has With Sports

“I swear sports and music are so synonymous/Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us” – Drake, “Thank Me Now”

From his days playing basketball at Degrassi Community School to finding himself in the middle of the latest LeBron James decision, no one is more of a sports fan than Drake. He’s been called a “team-jumper” or “fair weather fan” based on his association with any athlete experiencing success. But he swears he’s not being opportunistic — they’re just all really good friends.

As host of the 2014 ESPY Awards, Drake will be tasked with celebrating these friends and heroes, while also making those at home laugh so much we snort Gatorade out of our noses. “I think what makes a perfect ESPYS host is obviously somebody that can fill the room with energy and joy for the people that are in the seats,” he said during last week’s press conference for the upcoming show. “But I think most importantly what I bring is the fact that I feel that I know the room better than any host before me just because so many of these guys I have personal relationships with. I think I’m going to be able to tap into some jokes that will be appreciated by my friends in the crowd and also the athletes that I don’t know.” He’s also the perfect guy for the job because there’s nothing he enjoys more than being a fan. Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, your grandmother’s backgammon — Aubrey will never pass up the opportunity to get involved in a major athletic event. While he tends to keep his shirt on, his gametime reactions still rival those of Rihanna at the World Cup final.

To prepare for tonight’s big show, get familiar with Drake’s biggest superfan moments. It’s nice to see someone with his own grotto still get excited when a grown man puts a ball through a hoop.

1. When he found a way to get his own personalized NCAA Championship ring.

According to Drake, two teams he’ll never stray from are the Toronto Raptors and the Kentucky Wildcats. He’s proven his allegiance to the latter by attending games at Rupp Arena, coaching during the school’s annual Blue Madness event, and yucking it up with head coach John Calipari—the man he says inspired him to finish high school. With such a strong bond, it’s only right that Drake receive a NCAA Championship ring of his own after the Wildcats went all the way. Because he helped the 2011-12 squad win each and every game, and carried the players throughout the maddening month that is the NCAA Tournament.

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2. When he celebrated the Miami Heat’s 2013 championship while eating pizza. He doesn’t need to worry about getting stiff-armed at the locker room door when he can nibble on team pizza and dance with King James and D-Wade. 3. When he was caught using a lint roller at a 2014 NBA playoff game.

This spring, Drake’s beloved Raptors made it to the playoffs. With primetime games and international spotlight, Aubrey wouldn’t dare be caught cheering courtside with fuzz on his pants. He respects his team too much.

4. When he promoted Toronto Raptors-branded lint rollers. 

Always quick to jump on a meme (especially when he is the inspiration), Drake and OVO officially endorsed the Raptor lint rollers, which were handed out at an April 30 home game.

5. When he got to announce the starting lineup for the Toronto Raptors.

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