STOP/WATCH: Rixton’s Performance Of “Me + My Broken Heart” Is Going To Get A Speeding Ticket

We’ve had some amazing talent on Stop/Watch, but our favorites are those who pour their heart and soul into those 60 seconds. It can be tough trying to squeeze an entire song into a single minute, but the best bands take their familiar sounds and throw a crazy twist on it. Well, Rixton just made our list of the best artists on Stop/Watch.

These fun-loving British boys were all about making the most out of their minute, performing their hit single “Me And My Broken Heart” at nearly double the speed. The group made every second count, even finding time to break things down with a jig. And just when they thought they were done, we still had one more fast-moving challenge up our sleeve. Check out the video below to see how the guys handled our rapid-fire interview.

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