The Kids Are Alright: Rock Star Offspring Who Know How To Rock Hard

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It’s not unusual for kids to take over the family business, but a lucky few get to do something much more badass than running a restaurant or joining a law firm: laying down some down and dirty rock ’n’ roll! The children of rock legends are reaching their prime, showing off their good genes with impressive music careers of their own.

Some follow in the footsteps of their famous folks by fronting bands of their own, while others like Wolfgang Van Halen jam right alongside their parents on sold-out arena tours. Haters grumble that these are just spoiled rich kids coasting on their well-known name. But the ears don’t lie: these offspring have chops! Besides, they learned from the very best.

Head up to the gallery above for some showbiz children who prove that rock ’n’ roll talent runs in the family. Music lovers can sleep a little easier knowing that the next generation of rockers are keeping their parents’ legacy alive.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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