10 Times When Auto-Tuning Totally Worked

By Christopher Rosa 

It’s not hard to record a song nowadays—a laptop, GarageBand and microphone are all one needs to crank out a decent track. And with the magic of Auto-Tune, you can even sound pitch perfect. It’s no surprise that artists flock to this tool to amp up their game, some abusing it to disguise the fact that they can’t really sing at all. It’s like a pop P.E.D.! But music’s most notorious tool isn’t always used for evil.

In some cases, producers use Auto-Tune for artistic expression to add a different aesthetic to their music. The processor gives new life to these songs, making them sound more futuristic, other-worldly and very addictive. Just check out these 10 great tracks! Ranging from pop, rap, and even country, Auto-Tune sends these songs into outer space. Oh, and the peeps can sing too. Check it out.


10. “Not Myself Tonight” by Christina Aguilera

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