REVIEW: J. Cole Fans Brave The Weather To Celebrate 5th Anniversary Of The Warm Up

To some, 29-year-old rapper J. Cole is the most boring rapper in the game. Last year, LA Weekly put out a track by track review of Cole’s sophomore album Born Sinner using sleeping cat gifs. His most recent single “Crooked Smile” was the song of the summer…last year. So what made hundreds of people spend hours in the pouring rain for a shot at watching him perform?

On June 15th, J. Cole announced the second annual Dollar and a Dream tour that would hit London, New York, Miami, Raleigh, Chicago and Los Angeles. The rules of the tour are to wait for Cole to tweet the venue location for the show on the day of the event, get there as soon as possible and then wait until you get your ticket. It sounds simple but because the ticket costs only a dollar, fans must endure a grueling wait to ensure their spot– rain or shine.  This year, in celebration of the five year anniversary, he only performed songs from his 2009 mixtape The Warm Up.

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